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Bundles of flowers is an online flower delivery or online flower shop in the Philippines, located in Quezon City. We provides affordable and inexpensive flower bouquets, flower vase, flower in a basket, customize flower arrangement, and flower gift ideas.

We offered inaugural flower stand; flower for inaugurations which is widely used for grand opening ceremonies for business such as; opening shops, restaurant, salon, new opening bank, and groceries store. And we offered sympathy flowers and funeral flowers to express affection, sending condolences to the family of a deceased individual.

Flower in a stand arrangements are often arranged in front of new opening shop. It has an important role in making people to know about the shop is now open.

We also have wide array of unique flower arrangement designed by the local florist.

So if you want to send flowers to your loved one, Bundles of Flowers is recommended to you.

You can browse and select flowers through visiting our online flower shop for your convenience.

SAME DAY FLOWER DELIVERY We also offer same day flower delivery services with 100% satisfaction guarantee within Metro Manila, Quezon City, Makati, Manila, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Pasig, Marikina, Caloocan, Las Pinas, Valenzuela, Paranaque, Navotas, Muntinlupa, and Malabon.

Our aim is to deliver your flowers within any time of the day.

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Phone: (+632) 8775 82382 | (+632) 8775 4202

Mobile: (+63) 929-785-5679 | (+63) 927-682-0560

FREE FLOWER DELIVERY You do not need to go outside your home to buy fresh flowers to your loved one because people these days prefer buying things online than method of going into stores.

Bundles of flowers offers free flower delivery within selected areas in Manila. Like the other online flower shop, we offer different kind of flower arrangement in different occasions such as; Valentine’s Flowers, Mother’s day Flowers, Father’s Day, Birthday Flower, Anniversary Flower, Inaugural Flowers, Just Because Flowers, Get Well Gifts, Wedding Flower Arrangement, and Sympathy and Funeral Flowers.

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You may browser and select our beautiful and unique bouquets by visiting our online flower shop.


  • 1. To decide budget – you must decide budget when you send inaugural flower in a stand arrangement. Prices will change according to the delivery area and quality of flowers arranged in a stand.

  • 2. Sense of season – you should choose flowers suitable for the seasons.

  • 3. 1-tier stand and 2-tier stand – 1-tier flower stand consists of tall stand and flowers.

    2-tier flower stand consists of top stage which is made of big arrangement and lower stage which is made of small arrangement.

  • 4. Consider the shop atmosphere – It is important to consider the flower shop atmosphere when sending inaugural flower arrangement. Choose a flower stand according to the image of shop. If the shop has relaxed atmosphere, it would be good. Choose flower shop with highest rating or good feedback instead.

  • 5. Consider the distance of the place – It is important to know the distance of delivery area and the shops before checking out the order because prices will change according to delivery area.

    Some shops have specific areas for delivery only.

  • 6. Flower shop for inaugural flower stand – You should check out which flower shops arrange good inaugural flower stand beforehand. Choose shops who arrange different kind of beautiful and fresh flowers in a stand for inauguration.

  • 7. Don’t be particular about details - you should not be particular about the details of flower in a stand arrangement. You should inquire first to the shop if the flower you want is suitable for the season or if the flower for stand arrangement is available beforehand.


  • Anniversary Flowers 01 Standing arrangement of tropical mixed flowers, 7-8ft in height. Note: Reservation is required.

  • Anniversary Flowers 02 Standing arrangement of tropical flowers, 6-7ft in height. Note: Reservation is required.

  • Anniversary Flowers 05 Standing arrangement of tropical flowers with red roses, 6-7ft in height. Note: Reservation is required.

  • Anniversary Flowers 06 Standing arrangement of 18 pcs mixed color of anthuriums, 1dozen sprayed yellow orchids with mixed colors mums, 5-6 ft in height.